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The Abecedarian Education Foundation (AEF) is about creating a better future for children and our world by focusing on the most developmentally significant portion of life: the very beginning. We aim to provide early childhood professionals, parents, and caregivers with empowering knowledge and effective strategies to enhance development and learning for children ages 0-5, especially those living in under-resourced families. Our approach to early childhood education and development, the Abecedarian Approach (called 2A for short), builds on the work and research of Dr. Craig Ramey, Dr. Joseph Sparling, and their colleagues and was originally developed for the renowned Abecedarian Project. 2A is child centered, playful, and non-prescriptive and equips caregivers to use seemingly simple concepts and techniques in intentional and developmentally powerful ways.

AEF was officially incorporated in June 2018. Before this time, there was no organization dedicated to worldwide 2A dissemination and training. AEF is now that organization.

To learn more about the work of Ramey and Sparling, visit the Abecedarian Approach Background page.

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