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Every child deserves an opportunity to succeed in school and in life.

AEF works with programs and organizations in the United States and around the world that serve young children and their families, especially those with low levels of education and economic resources.

Although the original Abecedarian research studies took place in the US, later research and use of the Approach has spread to various countries across the globe. Today AEF is working in over 9 countries, either directly or through partners. New or continuing research studies are being conducted in 6 of those countries.

AEF strives to provide guidance and support to organizations interested in using the Abecedarian Approach (2A) to enhance and strengthen their child- and family-focused programs, no matter where they are located.

Abecedarian Around the World


North America

United States • Canada • Mexico



Victoria • Northern Territory • Queensland • Western Australia


Western Asia

Jordan • India • Pakistan


Eastern Asia

China • Singapore • Mongolia



Denmark • France • Romania




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