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One-on-one interactions are key aspect of the Approach. Adults plan and engage children based on each child’s developmental stage, interests, and preferences.

Simple but Deep

All of the components and techniques make intuitive sense and appear simple on the surface. Yet each has a deep, powerful underlying purpose and ability to enhance development and learning.

Every interaction has a purpose and is done with the intention of enrichment and stimulation. Planning for these daily, individualized interactions is an important part of the adult’s work.


The Approach can be applied in a wide variety of program types including child care centers, family child care homes, home visiting, parent education, and playgroups. It can supplement and support other curricula or be used on its own.


The 40+ years of research studying the effectiveness of the Approach through child care, have demonstrated how powerful early high-quality interactions are for children. There are over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles documenting the success of this Approach.

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